Up in the woods at the weekend the sweet chestnut was cut and moved to a clearing ready for splitting.

Splitting logs

above: sweet chestnut being split in the woods



splitting logs

above: The split wood is stacked ready for moving the short distance to the gateway


Particular to Sussex, this style of fence uses sweet chestnut and is called the 'Sussex Cleft'.

Like the oak used on the gateway project the coppiced sweet chestnut is locally sourced and completely sustainable.

The logs are split using wedges and a hammer. Historically, a very heavy homemade mallet, called a 'beetle', would have been used.

Some of the split logs are used as 'posts', and a rectangular hole is cut at the top so they are able to receive the remaing split wood that form the 'rails' of the fence.


This item was posted 19/01/09.


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